22 February 2018

Five Book Tag

I've completely fallen out of the habit of maintaining my bookstagram and this book blog, so to ease myself back in again I thought I'd do this really simple and sweet little tag! I was tagged by @travel_by_book over on my bookstagram a while ago, so here goes:

11 February 2018

Around the World on My Bookshelves

This has been a really fun idea for a blog post that I've had for ages, so I'm so glad to finally be doing it now! Basically, I want to try and diversify the books I read and to do that I have to work out what I'm currently reading, and what I need to work on. So I had a look through my bookshelves and came up with this map to show which countries the stories I own are set in:

25 January 2018

Coffee Tasted Books Tag 2.0

I was tagged by @inkstainedash over on my bookstagram do to this tag, and originally I was confused, because I'd already done a tag with this exact name in April last year (and you can read that here if you want to), but after some digging I realised this is the tag version 2.0, which meant I was more than happy to do it! Even though I don't actually like coffee, I absolutely love the hot drink-themed questions!

22 January 2018

Books 1-8 Wrap Up | 2018

My aim for this year was to not stress out about how many books I am or am not reading, and to just read whatever I like, when I like, and so far it's definitely working! I've already finished eight, that's right EIGHT, books in 2018 (and ok, yes, five of them were Tintin books, and one was a graphic novel, and one was a novel I started back in November and hadn't finished yet, but that's still an amazingly successful start to the year! So without further ado, here is my first wrap up of 2018:

18 January 2018

Winter Reads | 2018 Recommendations

This is my second lot of winter book recommendations (you can first my first one here) and as usual they're not necessarily books I read in winter, or that are set in winter, but I think they somehow suit the season! All of these books I'm about to recommend are amazing, and a few are even some of my all time favourite books, so if any of these books sound at all appealing to you, I promise you they will not disappoint!

12 January 2018

Bookstacam Tag

This is just a fun little set of questions I was tagged to do by @emilyandherbooks over on my bookstagram, each based on a different camera-related prompt. I take all my photos just on my phone, and haven't owned an actual camera since my little pink digital one about a decade ago, so I'm not too up to date on the vocab - but the questions looked fun!

6 January 2018

Best Books of 2017

For 2015 and 2016 I did a series of Book Awards of my own creation (from Worst Character to Best Cover to Most Emotional Book to Best Female Character and so on) but the fact is that in 2017 I just didn't read that many books! I'm not that bitter though, and it means I don't have to spend all that time writing out three different blog posts, when instead I can just do one about my favourite books of the year. I only had two 5 star reads this year, so it was a bit tricky picking out some 4 star books to pad this list, especially because I'm disqualifying rereads from this list. The five books I'm about to talk about are in a sort of vague order, building up to my all time favourite of the year!

4 January 2018

2018 Bookish Resolutions

     - Post 40 times on this blog

2017 was the first year I ever managed to keep up motivation to post on this blog for twelve months in a row, and I want 2018 to be even better! I actually managed to post 49 times on here last year, so aiming for 40 should definitely be achievable. My current blog schedule actually has 54 posts timetabled, so I'm more than prepared enough for 2018!

31 December 2017

September - December Wrap Up | 2017

WOW it's been a loooooong time since I've done a wrap up on here (hence this being a combination of four months worth of reading!) but fair warning, that's because I just didn't read that much in the last third of the year. In September I started my final year of university, and I really fell out of the habit of reading, so I've missed my goal of reading 30 books this year. But honestly I'm not that disappointed, and I'm already looking forward to my 2018 reading plans! In early January I'll have posts on my favourite 2017 books, and my bookish resolutions for the new year, but without further ado, here are my thoughts on my final books of 2017.

23 December 2017

Twas the Night Before Christmas Book Tag

This is one of the most thought-out tags I've ever done, and was so expertly created two years ago  by Aoife on her channel Fred Weasley Died Laughing, so you can check out her original video here. Basically, she's taken two lines from each of the twelves verses of the poem, and created a list of prompts, so let's get started!

17 December 2017

Most Owned Authors

I don't know about you but I love working out analytics for my bookshelves and obsessing over the varying statistics, and one day (eventually) I will do a full bookshelf analysis post on here (because I have nothing else to do), but for now, here's a list of my most owned authors!

7 December 2017

Music and Books Tag

This started off as a tag on booktube (where I believe it was created by JesseTheReader whose original video you can watch here) but I was tagged by @saucynoodlebooks over on my bookstagram. Each of the questions involves (you guessed it) books and some sort of musical collection, and I think I have the perfect answers!

16 November 2017

My Favourite Bookstagram Accounts

I've been on bookstagram for over a year, and in that time have found a load of amazing accounts to follow, which I'm gonna be sharing with you today! I've tried to put as many people on here as possible without having this post being too long, so of course I will have missed out some accounts I also really love. If you have any bookstagram recommendations of your own please let me know in the comments!

20 October 2017

TBR Book Tag

I wasn't technically tagged by anyone to do this, but I have seen several of my favourite bookstagrammers (including @fabledkings and @properthieves) doing it, and it just looked really fun! I know I always seem to say that about book tags I do, but really, if they didn't sound fun, why would I do them?

11 October 2017

Autumn Reads | Recommendations

I really like doing my seasonal book recommendations (as, I think, do quite a lot of book bloggers!) but this one was a little trickier than usual to do. I guess because I haven't been reading a lot lately and I've pulled back a bit on my bookstagram to relieve some of the pressure, I haven't been thinking about books as much. But after wracking my brains I've come up with the following five recommendations (which are all amazing and you should totally just go and read them now):