7 December 2017

Music and Books Tag

This started off as a tag on booktube (where I believe it was created by JesseTheReader whose original video you can watch here) but I was tagged by @saucynoodlebooks over on my bookstagram. Each of the questions involves (you guessed it) books and some sort of musical collection, and I think I have the perfect answers!

16 November 2017

My Favourite Bookstagram Accounts

I've been on bookstagram for over a year, and in that time have found a load of amazing accounts to follow, which I'm gonna be sharing with you today! I've tried to put as many people on here as possible without having this post being too long, so of course I will have missed out some accounts I also really love. If you have any bookstagram recommendations of your own please let me know in the comments!

20 October 2017

TBR Book Tag

I wasn't technically tagged by anyone to do this, but I have seen several of my favourite bookstagrammers (including @fabledkings and @properthieves) doing it, and it just looked really fun! I know I always seem to say that about book tags I do, but really, if they didn't sound fun, why would I do them?

11 October 2017

Autumn Reads | Recommendations

I really like doing my seasonal book recommendations (as, I think, do quite a lot of book bloggers!) but this one was a little trickier than usual to do. I guess because I haven't been reading a lot lately and I've pulled back a bit on my bookstagram to relieve some of the pressure, I haven't been thinking about books as much. But after wracking my brains I've come up with the following five recommendations (which are all amazing and you should totally just go and read them now):

4 October 2017

My Autumn TBR

I know we're already well into autumn here in the northern hemisphere, but I really like doing seasonal TBR lists, so even though it's late, here we are with another one! Breaking with tradition, this one is considerably shorter than my TBRs for spring and summer, because I'm highly aware of how little I will probably actually get read, so this is instead the top five books on my current TBR:

17 September 2017

Reading Habits Tag

Becca from @bookosaurus_bex tagged me over on my bookstagram to do these questions, and it was such a cool sounding tag I couldn't resist! (I also didn't realise at first, but I've accidentally combined two different tags, the "Reading Habits Tag" as well as the "This or That Tag".) Admittedly it's taken me a bit of a while to get round to answering them both, but I'm finally doing it now, so here goes!

9 September 2017

Book Courtship Tag

I was tagged over on my bookstagram by the lovely @pauweredbyfaith for this tag, and I've been looking forward to it literally ever since! It's quite an old tag, and has been doing the round on Booktube for years (which is where I first saw it!) but I always liked the questions, so I'm really glad I've finally got a reason to answer them here!

5 September 2017

August Wrap Up | 2017

Unfortunately this wasn't the amazing reading month I was hoping for, but I'm not going to class it as particularly bad either, because although I only read two books, I enjoyed both of them! It also brings my total books read this year up to 19, which means I'm (finally!) on track with my Goodreads challenge!

3 September 2017

Spring and Summer Book Haul | 2017

Here are all the books I added to my shelves between March and August 2017! Quite a lot of them I bought for myself, but it was also my birthday in August so I got a few books them as well. There's 12 books here, which means I'm keeping kind of even in terms of books bought vs. books bought. But without further ado, here are all the books I've got my hands on in spring and summer this year:

28 August 2017

Books I'll Probably Never Read Tag

I wasn't tagged by anyone over on bookstagram to do this tag, but it sounded like so much fun that I wanted to do it anyway! It was created by littlespider9 over on her Youtube channel, but I first came across it one of Ariel Bissett's videos instead, so go and make sure you check out both their channels! As the title would suggest, it's all about those books that you just don't want to read.

15 August 2017

Another 25 Bookish Facts About Me

Today is my 22nd birthday, so, along with having Taylor Swift on repeat, I wanted to celebrate with a post all about me! In 2016 I did the 25 Bookish Facts About Me tag, but that was over a year ago, before I even started my bookstagram, or really committed to this blog! So here are another load of facts about me that I hope you find interesting!

13 August 2017

Best Book Covers | Part III

I've already done a Part I and Part II of my favourite book covers of all time, so now it's time for some more! These are always such fun posts to write, and it's actually a topic I could go on and on about for many more posts, but without further ado, here are my next five favourite covers:

8 August 2017

July Wrap Up | 2017

I read eight books this month. That’s right. EIGHT WHOLE BOOKS. Granted some of them were really short BUT STILL. This was 98% due to the 2017 Booktubeathon, an annual readathon I took part in for the first time this year (and SMASHED), which forced me to read those last seven books in just one week! I’m going to stop revelling in my own glory now and tell you how I like them:

4 August 2017

Books and Flowers Tag

Over on my bookstagram I was tagged by @noteworthy_novels to do this tag, and as I love taking photos of books and flowers, I figured that doing a tag inspired by flowers would also be pretty fun!

23 July 2017

Summertime Madness Tag

We’re well into summer now, and although this is quite an old tag I’ve always to do it! I wasn’t tagged by anyone on my Instagram, but I don’t really need an excuse to do it, so here goes:

Show a book with a summery cover
Even though it was probably my least favourite Kate Morton book, I’m choosing The Secret Keeper for this question, because my edition’s cover just looks like it captures a perfectly hot summer day – but still with a little bit of the mystery that the book contains…

Pick one fictional place that would be the perfect destination for your summer holiday
It was so hard to pick an answer to this question! My go-to answer for this type of question is usually Hogwarts, but you just can’t go there for your summer holiday, so instead I’m picking Diagon Alley! I can stay in the Leaky Cauldron, see the sights, and do all the magical shopping my heart desires.